1. Welcome to TeenSMACK! Nothing’s outta reach for GenZ– You’ll be the largest group of Inventors and Leaders- that the world has ever known. Cheers! U R TeenSMACK Nation. 1 Nation 4 All. Welcome to your world, we’re glad you’re here! XXOO

  2. Hundo P cool happs here at TeenSMACK– !  Bringin’ U what’s hot now! – Ah Mazing!

  3. Good tech days….bad tech days…. we all have ‘em.  Bringin’ U – our own CyberSMACK Hack.  Check it!

  4. Teen surveys & polls — what’s game & what’s lame.  Watch for our 2018 TeenSMACK cover contest. Your artwork or photo could be featured on the front cover of our magazine and homepage! CRA-ZZZZZZ!!!!

  5. SmackHelp

    On your supersonic highway called life never fear if U or someone U know hits a bump in the road…  TeenSMACK is here 4 U. U R anonymous, NO names – NO questions, EVER!  Z-RO!  Just good ol’ Smack advice when U don’t want to take it anyplace else.   Get […]

    You are constantly searching for new ways of learning— GenZ craves to Learn. This is called being Inovative. Inovation creates Entreprenuers. Gen Z sees a need and Creates. GenZ sees an Opportunity and Invents. Nothing is out of reach for GenZ. YOU will be the largest group of Inventors, Leaders, Business Leaders and Masters of All—— that the world has ever known. Such an ‘awe’ inspiring time to be YOU!!

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      Dreaming of fame and glory? Love photography or art? Then enter the TeenSMACK Cover Contest! The winning photo or artwork will be the cover of the November/December Issue of TeenSMACK Magazine and featured on TeenSMACKNation.com! All top entries will be showcased in print and online… get ready for CRA Z […]
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