Pet “influencers” confirm: Humans trust dogs more than humans

Celebrity pets with millions of Instagram followers are being used to sell human brands—because it turns out the cool pets are getting more followers than humans!
People are raking in Thou$ands per pup post!
With 100,000 followers, Mochi, a 3-year-old “Maltipoo” has deals with Ralph Lauren, The Ritz-Carlton, American Express, Google, and Disney, and her owner (who works about 3-5 hours a week on Mochi’s brand) says advertisers pay around $100 for every 10k followers. By those numbers, that means heavy-hitters like Marnie the dog (2.1m followers) and Tuna (1.9m followers) are bringing in $200,000 per pop or should we say per pup (post)!
There’s even a talent agency to manage them! The Dog Agency has 100 clients — all “influential animals,” including dogs, cats, pigs, and hedgehogs, with hundreds of thousands of followers.
And The Dog Agency brand doesn’t stop there: it has its own line of high-fashion clothing items called “Chewsy,” designed “for the discerning pet.” Among this season’s looks: a $55 “Catty Velour Pullover,” and an $85 “Snow Day Puffer”. If dogs only knew…

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