The Perfect Parent Would . . .

Be open to talk and understand me.  Female, age 17

Listen. Everything else hinges upon listening.  Male, age 16

Talk, express what they want, and show affection – not think affection is understood or a given.  Male, age 17

Respect “space” and use things (errors) as a teaching moment, not punishment.  Female, age 13

Keep their problems to themselves, know they can trust me, and give me encouragement.  Male, age 17

Support my own interests and goals for the future rather than just what they (parents) want me to do.  Female, age 16

Try to help me find myself and give me enough freedom while also showing enough care.  Female, age 15

Understand when I need someone to talk to who is more understanding than judgmental.  Female, age 16

Be understanding and pay more attention.  Male, age 14

Be able to discuss awkward subjects that we (teens) can’t talk about with others.  Female, age 17

Respect my space when I’m having a bad day, and be as understanding as possible.  Female, age 14

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