Will drinking energy drinks help me get better grades?

Dear TeenSMACK,
Mid-term exams are coming…will drinking energy drinks help me get better grades?
From, Is it Bull?

Dear Is It Bull,

The best way to get good grades is to prepare in advance, to sleep w ell the night before, and to eat a healthy breakfast the morning of your exam. However, we all procrastinate and have crammed for exams! Thirteen to 19-y ear old’s who reach for energy drinks do so to increase their energy, to help as a study aide, to improve their sport performance, and to lose weight.

Drinking an energy drink alone rarely leads to severe effects, but a small number of teens can experience serious problems like chest pain, rapid heartbeats or palpitations, stomach cramps, inability to sleep, headaches, and feeling jittery.

The energy drinks are loaded with sugars and caffeine which can give you the feeling of a surge of extreme energy; however, your body will counter with release of hormones which then may lead to an extremely low, drained feeling.

This up and down of highs and lows is harmful to your body’s functioning and your brain’s function, which is not going to help you perform your best during studying or in a test situation. So, avoid the highs and lows that the high energy drinks create; it is not good to sacrifice your health for your academic endeavors.

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