School Year Tops and Flops

My Top Goals for the 2017-18 School Year were:
  1. Put more effort
  2. into the things I do
  3. Procrastinate Less
  4. Get Good Grades
  5. Be more active with friends and make new ones
  6. Pass Exams
  7. Get more serious about school work
  8. Homework before anything else
  9. Finish writing a book


What If?

“If someone gave you $75, what would you spend it on??”
Food – was the top answer – No surprise here!
GooglePlay & iTunes Gift Cards
Video Games
Clothes, Clothes, Clothes
Bath Bombs
Make-up Hair Products
Phone accessories
Baking Supplies
Finger Monkey
Art Supplies
New Vans
Gum – Lots of gum

“If I could have anything in the world what would it be??”
World Peace
Apple Watch/Samsung Watch
Better Social Media Platform
Better Wardrobe
Travel to Europe and Canada
Global Equality
Study Abroad
That Everybody just get along

“If you could create any new cell phone feature (real or fantasy) what would it be??”
Phone could make food
Extra Headphone Jack
Professional Camera
Better Camera Quality
Phone could turn into food
That everything on the phone was free
Phone would give advice and talk to you when you want
Grow legs and follow me so I don’t have to carry in my pocket
Phone could read my mind to play whatever music I wanted at that moment

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